publications of oliver rockinger

  • Fechner, T.; Rockinger, O.; Vogler, A. and Knappe, P.: "Learning target masks in infrared linescan imagery", in Proc. SPIE Vol. 3077, 1997, pp. 323-332
  • Fechner, T.; Hach, R.; Rockinger, O.; Stenger, A.; Knappe, P. and Stahl, C.: "Detection and tracking of small targets in aerial image sequences under unknown sensor motion", in: Proc. SPIE Vol. 3374, 1998, pp. 259-266
  • Rockinger, O.: "Pixel level fusion of image sequences using wavelet frames", in: Proc. 16th Leeds Annual Statistical Research Workshop, Leeds University Press, 1996, pp. 149-154
    available online (228 kb)
  • Rockinger, O: "Image sequence fusion using a shift invariant wavelet transform", in: Proc. IEEE Intl. Conference on Image Processing, 1997, pp. III-288-291
    available online (1.9 mb)
  • Rockinger, O. and Fechner, T: "Pixel-level image fusion: The case of image sequences", in: Proc. SPIE, Vol. 3374, 1998, pp. 378-388
    available online (1.3 mb)
  • Stahl, C.; Knappe, P.; Fechner, T. and Rockinger, O.: "Neural network-based architecture for automatic target recognition on real-world imagery", in Proc. Fusion98, 1998
    available online (730 kb)
  • Rockinger, O.: "Multiresolution-Verfahren zur Fusion dynamischer Bildfolgen", Ph.D. Thesis, Technische Universitšt Berlin, 1999,
    ISBN 3-933342-77-5 (in GERMAN)
    available from the publisher dissertation.de
    in parts also available online (5.0 mb)

(Some of the graphics in the pdf-files look strange when viewed on the screen, but they should print ok.)