image fusion toolbox

system requirements

The image fusion toolbox (ver 1.0) requires:

matlab 5.x

A MATLAB version newer or equal 5.0. The toolbox is tested under MATLAB 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 running under Windows 95/98/NT.

image processing toolbox

The image processing toolbox is needed for the image i/o and image conversion (from color or indexed images to grayscale intensity images), for the morphological pyramid and for a subset of the coefficient selection functions (both using ordfilt2).

lots of memory

The multiresolution fusion approaches (especially the sidwt fusion method) require a lot of memory, since all image data is stored in and handled in double precision. Depending on the input image size and the computer used, some of the multiresolution fusion methods require quite a long computation time. Please be patient in this case.